Food and Wellness

Beginning in 2013, I had the opportunity to write a series of articles on the topic of food and wellness. Below, read some of my favorite articles published by Cityview Magazine then explore some more in past issues of Cityview Magazine online. Enjoy!

Summer Fresh, Farm FreshSummerFreshPhoto.JPG

Bright and sweet cherries, colorful berries, savory herbs, aromatic lilies, a gentle breeze and you know summer is finally here. With Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, this is the time to celebrate with family. And what better way to do so than being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and farm fresh food?

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Note: One funny story that didn’t make it into the article was shared with me by Ben, the bee guy: “A gentleman called about a colony of bees that needed to be removed. What I found was the largest colony of feral bees I have ever seen – probably 180,000 bees or more… I got to work removing the bees, brood, honey and honeycomb. I used a bee-vac to collect the bees into a hive and I put the honeycombs into several buckets. When I was ready to leave, I realized I had forgotten the lids to the buckets. Since I had already worked a long day, I decided to just put them in the car and drive home with my bee-suit still on. Naturally, many of the bees left the buckets and started going to the windows, clogging them up.

A police officer pulled alongside me and as he looked over at me I could see a puzzled look on his face. Then, his eyes got wide as he realized that there were bees swarming in my car. There are very few times in life when you know exactly what another person is thinking – and this was one of those times because I know he was thinking to himself ‘I do NOT get paid enough to deal with that!’ Indeed, he didn’t pull me over and I’ve chuckled about it ever since.”

Olive Oil, Lemons, and Sunshine – The Greek DietThe Greek Diet

On a typical Wednesday morning, the Voula, Athens farmers market – agora – is alive and hopping. Shiny black olives, brilliant yellow lemons, red tomatoes, green beans, and multi-colored bell peppers are patiently waiting in their baskets for buyers to take them home. The weather is warm and the food is deliciously fresh. But you don’t have to travel to Greece to enjoy the goodness of the Mediterranean diet – you can make it

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