Happiness Purveyors

The past few years brought a special set of challenges that most of us never anticipated. Even for those who had stability before, the circumstances shook a few pillars, but for those courageous souls who chose to carve their own entrepreneurial paths to personal success, the pandemic has been especially challenging. The travel, performing arts, beauty, fitness, and restaurant industries suffered perhaps more than others—and we suffered with them, stripped of the comfort and joy they all provide. I think we all experienced enough deprivation to understand just how important travel, good food, health care, and the arts are for our happiness.

Those who know me, know that I’m an avid traveler, dancer, and let’s admit it, food lover. I was lucky to get my fill of travel for ten blessed months of RVing before the pandemic hit. I found comfort in nature around me and put to good use an old skill: calling people on the phone just to chat and catch up. I danced around the house and sang (badly) along with Pandora. I cooked and indulged in wine tastings of my own (my clothes are a witness). I did OK for a while, but I’m SO ready to go back to being social, to dancing at a party, to hanging out with friends and family, to discovering new exciting places or visiting old favorites.

Throughout this challenging time, I know I was acutely made aware of the importance of people who bring extra joy and wellness into our lives. As we get ready to re-engage in social endeavors, I want to spotlight such purveyors of social happiness through a series of blogs I categorized under “Happiness Purveyors”. Read on and let’s give a little extra love and encouragement to these special and resilient individuals.

“Art is an effort to create, beside the real world, a more humane world.”

Andre Maurois, French Author

Listen to the series on podcast:

Also, if you or someone you know is an entrepreneur in the travel, arts and entertainment, beauty, fitness, or food industries who was affected by COVID, give me a shout.

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